Thank you for your interest in the RISCOSS Decision Support Platform. RISCOSS aims at facilitating the adoption of open source components by mainstream users, system integrators and product developers. The platform does this by helping identify and mitigate potential risks associated with integrating unknown third party open source components into applications, solutions or products. RISCOSS integrates the latest research in statistical analysis, risk identification and mitigation that are embedded in several risk analysis models. 

If you want to run RISCOSS analysis on existing projects, please hit the button below: it will take you to RISCOSS GitHubAnalyzer, the RISCOSS Decision Support Platform tailored to analyse GitHub projects. What is GitHubAnalyzer

Once there, you will see the results of some RISCOSS analysis performed previously. You will also be able to login with your GitHub account if you have one, or to register in order to launch your own RISCOSS analysis on GitHub projects. Do not hesitate to give us a feedback through the feedback forum which is available on the platform. If you are the manager of an open source project, we look forward to cooperating with you in making RISCOSS a dissemination driver for your project.

If you need some guidance at any point, open the RISCOSS GitHub Analyzser Help or check the video below.

RISCOSS GitHub Analyser Demo

This video will help you achieve your first steps in the RISCOSS Platform.

Olivier Bouzereau
OW2 Community Coordinator
E-mail: ob AT 

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