We're building a platform to help MIS manage communities, partners and alternative technologies

Aug 05 2013

Rüdiger Glott is a senior researcher at the United Nations University, Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT). Expert on internet communities, open innovation, e-business models and service models, business processes and new collaborative forms of work and trade, he is involved in the FP7 RISCOSS Project. At a recent meeting in Barcelona UPC, we've asked him to reveal some insights of the RISCOSS platform, currently in development.

How will RISCOSS project help professional MIS (Manager of Information Systems) to implement open source technologies ?

Companies are under-estimating challenges related to open source software integration in the context of their business projects. The nature of partners and the way they work with partners is changing, for instance. RISCOSS will provide new solutions, keeping organizations aware of business implications, regarding their business models as well as their business processes. The platform that we are building will help companies to analyze the risks and then to develop effective risk mitigation strategies. Any kind of manager in any kind of company, in any sector, will be able to develop an awareness of open source software related applications. He will also get solutions from RISCOSS on how to manage partners, how to be involved in open source communities and how to select alternative technologies.

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