Use Cases


TEI: Implementing an OSS risk management program in a large IT department

OSS has become a strategic resource for short time-to-market software service and product delivery for TEI. The company is currently exploring all the potential benefits it leads and is currently implementing the full migration to an OSS paradigm. To do so, TEI wants to develop a risk management program aimed at enhancing the control and the mitigation of all the risks coming from OSS adoption along the whole life cycle within an OSS ecosystem. TEI will use the complete RISCOSS methodology and IT platform to systematically improve the handling of OSS products within the entire software ecosystem. So TEI will focus on eliciting use cases, refining them into requirement and scenario useful to describe the potentialities of the whole RISCOSS framework. TEI will test the potentialities of the RISCOSS framework with pilots to be applied within in Ericsson Telecomunicazioni s.p.a. More about TEI.


CENATIC: Risk assessment in public administration OSS projects

CENATIC is a public foundation endorsed by several Spanish public entities with the goal of promoting the knowledge and use of OSS. It is actively engaged along the whole line - from generating future-proof solutions, open source assessment and validation, to support open source project management in the public and private sectors and to develop open source community prototypes for the public sector. CENATIC is proposing three use cases: migration in the public sector, integration in the public sector, and code release community assessment. The first two cases will have a similar instrumentation, by carrying out migration demonstration risk activities using RISCOSS in two public administrations (different in each case). Activities will include testing, viability and performance verification of the RISCOSS platform and the processes and techniques proposed therein, and implementation of non-technical features if necessary. For the third, CENATIC will provide three different public sector code release communities to run the RISCOSS platform and processes. More about CENATIC.


UPC Learning platform evolution in concordance with dependant components

The OSS project UPC aims to enable mobile learning applications and other kinds of applications for education to work together with the Moodle LMS (a high profile OSS Learning Management System). Rather than just creating mobile applications that replicate the LMS functionalities on a mobile device, Moodbile provides the developers of applications for education with the necessary tools to communicate with the LMS. The Moodbile community has the following objectives for the RISCOSS project:
• To manage the internal backwards compatibility risks between the differents components developed and maintained by
the community without compromising the ability to innovate and experiment.
• To manage the compatibility with the on-going releases of Moodle and other host-LMS to be.
• To manage the community requirements for evolution of the product balancing the resources with the focus on reliability, stability and support for the released versions.
More about UPC Moodbile.


OW2 SQuAT Programme

A leading Open-Source consortium, OW2's natural choice was to use XWiki as the solution underpinning its website as well as the workspaces of the various research projects it is running in conjunction with partners. OW2 is currently implementing its quality programme named SQuAT (after “Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness”). This programme aims at enhancing the perceived reliability of some 40 mature projects in the OW2 code base. There is an opportunity to make SQuAT more efficient. OW2 aims to integrate the existing tools already used in SQuAT into the decisional level of RISCOSS. One key result expected from this use case is to verify and document to what extent an active open source community such as OW2 can implement the RISCOSS approach. More about OW2 SQuAT.


XWiki Assessing development practices of an OSS tool

XWiki is an open source platform for building collaborative applications. It is developed by a community, using community-oriented practices. XWiki is OW2's third most downloaded software solution. The RISCOSS platform relies on XWiki OSS. XWiki SAS has more than 100 customer references and thousands of business users all over the world. More about XWiki