Every few months an interview with one of the prominent leaders of the RISCOSS project, discussing in greater depth the 'how' and 'why' of this fascinating project, will be published here. Follow the links below for unique insights into the RISCOSS project.

Nov 07 2014

I hope RISCOSS will strengthen the bonds between industry and academia

Wolfgang_Mauerer.jpg Wolfgang Mauerer, Senior Open Source expert at Siemens Corporate Research ...

Sep 24 2014

The RISCOSS platform will provide advices to make the difference

Ioannis_Stamelos.jpg Ioannis Stamelos, Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ...

Sep 03 2013

Aug 05 2013

We're building a platform to help MIS manage communities, partners and alternative technologies

Rudiger_Glott.jpg Rüdiger Glott, United Nations University, Maastricht (UNU-MERIT) ...

Jun 10 2013

Overcoming the fear of Open Source Software adoption

lidia.png Lidia López Cuesta, Ph.D. in Software from UPC. ...

May 06 2013

RISCOSS will raise the awareness to the need of proper risk management of OSS

RonSKenett.png Ron S. Kenett, Chairman and CEO of the KPA Group. ...

Dec 15 2012

RISCOSS is an industrial project-driven EU project

Xavier_Franch_small.jpg Associate professor. PhD and Msc. in Informatics, UPC. Main investigator of... ...