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Feb 26 2016

RISCOSS Final Review, 26 Feb., Brussels

  • Place: Room 0/S9, 25 Avenue de Beaulieu, 1160 Brussels
  • Presentations on the private wiki

Jan 26 2016

SQuAT Fest, 26 Jan, Brussels

SQuAT Fest

The AppHub SQuAT Fest is taking place at:
European Commission
Avenue de Beaulieu 25,
1160 Brussels
Room 0S9 ...

Nov 17 2015

OW2con'15 & Paris Open Source Summit, 16-20 Nov., Paris

  • Paris, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 16-17 Nov.
  • Paris, Les Docks, La Plaine Saint-Denis, in parallel with Paris Open Source Summit (POSS 2015) ...

Nov 16 2015

RISCOSS Convention, Nov. 16, Paris

  • 16 Nov. 2015 pm
  • PARIS ORANGE LABS, Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • Room Martech A033
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the dramatic events in Paris on Nov. 13, the RISCOSS Convention has been replaced by a smaller workshop with two RISCOSS and MARKOS project hands-on sessions.
    The OW2Con'15 took place on Nov. 17 and 18 with opportunities for disseminating and exploitating the RISCOSS platform.



Oct 26 2015

OSCON Europe, Oct. 26-28, Amsterdam

RISCOSS project will be represented at OSCON Europe, October 26-28 in Amsterdam in the non-profit pavilion on two booths: 

  • RISCOSS booth (#N2) 
  • OW2 booth (#N1)

Both booths are located one beside the other at the entrance of the non-profit area.
Participants will discover live demonstrations of the RISCOSS platform. 

Register now and take advantage of a 20% discount code USRG or using the code PCcenatic:

Oct 20 2015

ICT 2015, 20-22 October, Lisbon, Portugal


ICT 2015 - Innovate, Connect, Transform - October 20-22 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Meet the people behind the RISCOSS Platform
The RISCOSS team is attending and expects to discuss with a large number of project coordinators. Your open source software deserves the best decision support services. Don't miss this opportunity to network with the RISCOSS representatives in Lisbon!

During the afternoon of October 22, Angelo Susi of FBK is presenting the RISCOSS platform then joining a round table about open source along with AppHub project representatives. ...

Oct 15 2015

SmartCity 360°, 13-16 October, 2015, Bratislava


The international SmartCity Summit, on 13-16 October 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia

Discussing and exploring 360° perspective of future cities, the Summit connects three different actors in the field – industry, academia and institutional point of view. The Event will bring together industry representatives, decision makers, vendors, experts, developers and others to plan, learn, network, collaborate, strategize and more effectively tap into the immense potential of the Smart City domain. 

Ron Kenett, Technology Forecast Keynote Speaker, 15 Oct. 10:00-11:00am

Attempting to predict the future characteristics of useful technological machines, procedures or techniques in Smart Cities and Mobility fields.

Visit the registration page here. ...

Sep 28 2015

Technical Meeting, September 28-29, Barcelona

  • UPC Barcelona
  • September 28-29, 2015
  • Room TBA ...

Jul 09 2015

Discover RISCOSS live at OSCON

RISCOSS is at OSCON 2015 from July 21-24, in Portland OR.. 

Visit the OW2 booth at OSCON for full demonstration of the RISCOSS platform.  Even better, attendees are able to connect by themselves and use RISCOSS to analyse the projects of their choice.



Jul 08 2015

fisl, 8-11 July 2015, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The RISCOSS Platform is showcased on OW2 booth #22

fisl Conference
Porto Allegre; Brazil
July 8-11, 2015



Jun 16 2015

OpenExpo 2015, June 16, Madrid

The OpenExpoDay in Madrid is the place to discover free sotfware tools and open source solutions for the Enterprise: Ecommerce, CRM, Cloud, Security, ERP, BI, CMS...

The RISCOSS project is showcasing the RISCOSS platform on a dedicated booth.
A one hour talk about "Risk management in open source" details the RISCOSS project, including methods to identify, manage and mitigate risks associated with the integration of open source software. The RISCOSS community is open to contributions from third parties to allow continuous development of both the platform and the methodologies.

Check this presentation on SlideShare:

May 09 2015

Try RISCOSS GitHubAnalyser

What has RISCOSS to say about this GitHub project?

Whether it is your own project or any project you are interested in RISCOSS can analyse it and return some cool results. Check out how to use GitHbAnalyser  (yes that's what we call this version of RISCOSS) here.

Here is what the RISCOSS GitHubAnalyser is looking at for you:

Obsolescence Risk
This type of risk mainly refers to the lack of activeness of the development  community, which causes the risk of the software component being out-of-date.

Bug Risk
This type of risk refers to possible presence of bugs in the code due to either the size of the repository (difficult to be kept under control), or to a high open/closed issue ratio, which may mean low effectiveness in closing bugs.

Analysability Risk
This type of risk refers to the lack of quality of the software, which could make it difficult to understand it from the adopter.

Maintenance Risk
In a nutshell, Maintenance risk refers to the existence of one or more of the above risks.

Feb 26 2015

RISCOSS is now public on Github


Here is the link to the Riscoss repository: 

Enjoy the RISCOSS community!

RISCOSS develops both a methodology and a software platform that integrate the whole decision-making chain, from technology criteria to strategic concerns. 

Using advanced software engineering techniques and risk management methodologies, RISCOSS develops innovative tools and methods to identify, manage and mitigate risks of integrating third-party open source software.

Jan 15 2015

Second Evaluation Meeting in Brussels


European Commission, 25 Avenue de Beaulieu, Brussels


Nov 05 2014

RISCOSS Convention 2014

The second RISCOSS Convention will be held at Orange Labs, Issy-Les-Moulinaux, France. Join us for a unique preview of the platform and an update on the state-of-the-art in OSSrisk management. ...

Oct 30 2014

Open World Forum, Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2014, Paris

OW2 community and RISCOSS project coordinate, at the Open World Forum 2014 Conference, a session on "Open Source Collaborative Innovation in Europe" ...

Sep 30 2014

RISCOSS MT11 Meeting, 30 Sept.-1 Oct., Barcelona

UTC at Barcelona is hosting MT11 RISCOSS meeting with members from the 8 organizations involved in the project. ...       


Sep 19 2014

PMI Workshop on Risk Management in Rovereto


RISCOSS has been invited to the workshop “Keep calm and manage risk”, organised by the Northern Italy Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

Angelo Susi, FBK Researcher, gave a talk about "Risks Identification and Management in Open Source Software Adoption". ...

Sep 11 2014

RISCOSS proud winner of 2 Prizes at EU CloudWatch Concertation Meeting 


RISCOSS project won the position paper at the EU CloudWatch Concertation meeting, 10-11 September. ... ...

Aug 29 2014

Ninth International Conference on Software Technologies, August 29-31, Austria

vienna.jpg Oscar Hernan Franco, Computer Software Engineering from UPC will be presenting a paper on OSS community health.  ...

Aug 26 2014

Seventh Workshop on Requirements Engineering and Law, August 26, Sweden

Karlskrona.jpg Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO and RISCOSS Project active contributor, will offer a keynote speech at RELAW'14.  ...

Jul 21 2014

IEEE Workshop on Risk Management of OSS Components and Communities, July 21-25, Sweden

IEEE_Sweden.jpg RISCOSS will support WRMOCC, at COMPSAC 2014, the 38th Annual International Computers, Software & Applications Conference. Paper submission sites for all workshops will be open on Feb. 3, 2014. ...

May 20 2014

Jan 16 2014

RISCOSS Annual Review, January 16, Brussels

All work-package leaders are meeting the day before for fine tuning and final reheasal.
Please check First Evaluation Meeting (E1) on the private Wiki for details:



Nov 14 2013

RISCOSS Convention 2013

Join us at Orange Labs, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, on November, 14, 2013, for the first RISCOSS Convention.

RISCOSS 2013 is the meeting of all those involved in the RISCOSS project and interested in risk management and project metering in open source software.



Nov 12 2013

OW2con'13, November 12-14, Paris, France


RISCOSS at OW2con'13 ...

Nov 06 2013

ICT 2013, 6-8 Nov, Vilnius, Lithuania


The ICT 2013 Conference will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, 6-8 November 2013. During this event focused on Horizon 2020... ...

Oct 22 2013

CNCC, 22-24 Oct 2013, Changsha, China


Workshops, Keynotes and Awards Ceremony during 3 days in China. Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO, gave a successful keynote asking: "Is Cloud Computing Open Source Friendly?" ...

Sep 01 2013

OAIS 2013, 1-4 Sept, Genoa, Italy


The second International Workshop on Ontologies meet Advanced Information Systems (OAIS) will take place in conjunction with... ...

Aug 24 2013

St-Peterburg SBSE 24-26 August, Russia


The fifth edition of the symposium dedicated to ... ...

Jul 29 2013

ICSOFT 2013, 29-31 July, Reykjavík, Iceland 

Professor Xavier Franch from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, gave a lecture on Managing Risk in Open Source Software Adoption during the 8th ICSOFT 2013 International Conference on Software Technologies, in Reyjkjavik, Iceland. According to the RISCOSS project leader, this was a great opportunity to create new interactions with people interested in the RISCOSS project and to exchange ideas about ways to implement risk management.

You can download here the ICSOFT 2013 RISCOSS Paper.

For more information about the conference, please visit: ...

Jul 22 2013

OSCON, 22-26 July, Portland, OR 


The 15th anniversary of OSCON will host a large and visible OW2 booth with RISCOSS collaterals.... ...

Jun 27 2013

RISCOSS Meeting, 27-28 June, Barcelona


UTC at Barcelona will host a new RISCOSS meeting with members from the 8 organizations involved in the project. ... ...

Jun 20 2013

EU-China-Nord America workshop on HPC Cloud and Big Data,  University of Stavanger, Norway


Dr. Ron S. Kenett - President, The Israel Statistical Association, Research... ...

May 28 2013

Ben-Gurion University conference, Israel


During this conference, Software quality and testing issues will be debate by leaders in Industry and Academia. ...

Dec 01 2012

RISCOSS Kick-off meeting

UTC in sunny Barcelona hosted RISCOSS kickoff meeting late November 2012. Members from the 8 project participants shortly presented their organization, team and strategy. ...